Applewood Turf Field Rentals

Turf Field Rental 

Are you looking for a Mississauga Turf Field Rental? The turf field at Applewood Heights Secondary School is brand new as of September 2018 and is one of the best outdoor soccer fields in the province. The main field is 64m x 100m and is lined primarily for soccer. We also have the luxury of dividing the fields into 4 mini quarter fields each featuring 30m x 60m. Not only are they lined for 7v7 soccer but we have divider nets to minimize ball intrusion from neighboring fields.

The facility features:

  • A full length 8 lane, 400M track with excellent accessibility. The track is a rubberized surface with excellent safety characteristics for runners and athletes.
  • A full sized soccer field with markings for Soccer, 7’a’side soccer, rugby and field hockey
  • State of the art LED sports field lighting
  • Bleachers for spectators

Mississauga Turf Field Rentals @ Applewood

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Applewood Heights' turf field is open for play!
This is the Outdoor Turf Field ready for play!