Gordon Graydon Gym

Gordon Graydon (“Adult Education Centre – Mississauga Campus”) is located at 1490 Ogden Avenue, just south of the QEW. It is extremely unique in that it offers TWO DOUBLE-GYMS. With your rental, you can choose to include access to change rooms, washrooms, and various sports goals and nets.

In addition, Gordon Graydon is open year-round and one of the few Mississauga facilities that permits floor hockey to be played.

Primary Gym

“Gym A”

Gym A is a spacious double gym that boasts hardwood floors, glass backboards, and collapsible bleachers.

Great for basketball, futsal, volleyball, ball hockey, as well as sports that may require on-site storage. Please confirm storage availability before booking.

Secondary Gym

“Gym C”

Gym C is a slightly smaller double gym. In addition to having the ability to be divided, it contains a stage.

Due to it’s slightly smaller size, it is priced lower and an incredibly great value!